This updates features a broad range of client-requested fixes and changes, as well as several minor bug fixes and mitigations. 


API / Integration

  • Created new API calls to assist partners in dealing with suppressed email addresses. (SIG-265)*
  • Made changes to allow for lighter weight authentication mode (‘express’) to operate in certain integration workflows. (SIG-305)

User Experience

  • Removed the ‘Classic’ button from the Wizard UI. It had made a surprise re-appearance in the last release. (SIG-301)
  • Default signature font appearance will now be consistent through signature workflow and disabling default signature client preference will not affect signature workflow. (SIG-93, SIG-308)
  • Fixed issue where unassigned radio buttons couldn’t be assigned from the editor. (SIG-242)
  • Resolved rare issue where password input box would disappear if Next button was clicked before entry. (SIG-159)
  • Implemented stronger controls on drawn signature appearance to mitigate concerns from clients about signatures being too small. Users are advised if their signatures or initials are too small. (SIG-270)
  • Resolved issue where user attachments screen was not displayed in proper order when attachments were set to optional. (SIG-303)
  • Added additional help text to document folders screen when attachments are to be requested. (SIG-304)
  • Resolved issue where clicking Home button in Wizard would log user out unintentionally. (SIG-306)
  • Changed wording in Document Center dropdown transaction filter from ‘Paused’ to ‘Suspended.’ (SIG-307)


  • Improved code relating to deleting a party with many associated tasks. Should improve responsiveness when deleting such a party from a transaction.(SIG-266)

Other Items

  • Mitigated security and other minor issues. (SIG-213, SIG-292, SIG-269, SIG-294, SIG-299)
  • Client specific email changes (SIG-246, SIG-157, SIG-256)
  • Updated copyright (SIG-245)

Known Issues

  • none

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!

*Feature is optional and may or may not be available based on client product used. Additional fees may be charged.