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Six Questions to Ask Before Selecting an E-Signature Platform

Pem Guerry, executive vice president of SIGNiX, recently wrote an article for Law Technology Today about six questions in-house counsel should ask before selecting an e-signature vendor.
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WARNING: Your Firm's E-Signature Vendor Could be a Liability

Financial advisors across the country are adopting e-signature technology to save time, reduce risk and enhance client relationships. But not all e-signature vendors are created equal. If you aren’t careful which vendor you choose, you could be putting your firm and your clients at risk. We’ve assembled a variety of tips and suggestions to make sure you pick an e-signature vendor that will be an asset… instead of a liability.
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7 Things You Should Look for in an Electronic Signature Vendor

So you’ve decided to start using electronic signatures. They’re going to make your life easier, and your customers are going to love them!
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FDIC: Do Your Research Before Picking an e-Signature Vendor

We’re starting to see lots of customers that want more out of electronic signatures than just a scribble. It looks like the FDIC was ahead of the game when they recommended digital signature technology way back in 2000.
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