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IFS Partners with SIGNiX to Streamline the Digital Signature Process

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3 Things the Credit Union Industry Needs to Know About E- Signatures

As credit unions increasingly transition to paperless workflows, e-signature use continues to rise. SIGNiX EVP Pem Guerry recently wrote an article for Credit Union Business Magazine about the benefits of e-signature technology for credit unions. In the article, he said:
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Find the One Right E-Signature Solution to Meet all of Your Needs

It wasn’t that long ago that some people would use two pens: one with black ink for everyday stuff like writing notes and making annotations to documents, and another with blue ink for signatures. The belief was that the blue ink added a level of security to the document, and if a letter had a signature in black, it was a photocopy. This was an adequate system at the time, but not convenient or secure, especially when scanners and computers became commonplace.
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