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7 Rules for E-Signature Legality and Compliance: Part 1

Here at SIGNiX, we've been dedicated to providing our customers with digital signatures delivered via the web (with no software or hardware install required) for over 11 years. The service was designed to be easy to use and also meet the legal and security demands of today’s electronic records and documents. SIGNiX recognizes that while a signature may simply be a quick and simple stroke of a pen in the paper world, its significance goes far beyond that wet ink scribble:
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The Hidden Risks of Simplistic Audit Trails in e-Signatures

Many people are reluctant to use e-signature technology because they’re afraid that signatures created online aren’t legal. The truth is that e-signatures are just as legally binding as handwritten signatures. But that doesn’t mean that all e-signature products are on an equal footing when a signature is challenged in court.
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