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Questions to Ask Your Digital Signature Vendor

So you’ve decided to look for a digital signature vendor. You’ve got a lot of choices out there, and the Internet is full of information about what services each vendor provides. But how do you know what’s important for your business?
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FDIC: Do Your Research Before Picking an e-Signature Vendor

We’re starting to see lots of customers that want more out of electronic signatures than just a scribble. It looks like the FDIC was ahead of the game when they recommended digital signature technology way back in 2000.
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8 Things to Look for in a Digital Signature Vendor

Picking an electronic signature vendor is an important decision. The product doesn’t just need to be convenient, but it also needs to produce documents that will be legally valid for the life of the document. It can be confusing to find out if a vendor meets your needs, but never fear. We’ve come up with a handy checklist of eight things you should look for in a digital signature vendor.  
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