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Happy New Year! SIGNiX Updates Product with Guidance Prompts™

Fresh off the holiday break, we're releasing a new version of the product that includes several substantive improvements and bug fixes.
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Security and Intent for E-Signatures - Celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month Continues

We’ve been speaking about security and electronic signatures these past few weeks in observance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Today, we’re going to spend a little time speaking about intent and access control when it comes to e-signed documents.
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SIGNiX Commentary: SMBs Still Not Taking Advantage of the Cloud

We came across an interesting article from across the Pacific this morning. Despite the fact that the use of computing power and services on the web can improve revenue, over 75% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) surveyed stated that they did not use cloud technology or services, according to a survey by MYOB, an Australian business software firm.
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