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IFS Partners with SIGNiX to Streamline the Digital Signature Process

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Spring Cleaning for Your Records

Pem Guerry, executive vice president of SIGNiX, recently wrote an article for Virtual Strategy Magazine about spring cleaning for your records and moving to a cloud-based document management system. His article outlines the many benefits of such a system and explains how it works:
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SIGNiX Celebrates 15 Years of Cloud-Based Digital Signatures

At SIGNiX, we’re excited to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year, having launched our innovative, PKI-based Independent E-Signature™ solution in 2002. Digital signature adoption has grown over the years, and we’re proud to be the industry pioneer and leading provider of easy-to-trust and easy-to-use cloud-based digital signatures.
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SIGNiX 2017 Updates Offer Ultimate Flexibility in Digital Signature Technology

CUInsight, which covers news in the credit union industry, recently announced SIGNiX’s new product updates for 2017. The updates, which include new document deletion and retention options, advanced branding capabilities and tamper proofing, are designed to enhance user experience and security. All the updates were included in the release that CUInsight published. SIGNiX CEO Jay Jumper was quoted:
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Six Questions to Ask Before Selecting an E-Signature Platform

Pem Guerry, executive vice president of SIGNiX, recently wrote an article for Law Technology Today about six questions in-house counsel should ask before selecting an e-signature vendor.
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