SIGNiX's digital security round-up: January 28-February 1

Posted by Emily Young

Welcome to SIGNiX’s digital security update. Two media giants are in the news this week for digital security concerns. The New York Times is facing hackers, and Apple is dealing with a loss in consumer trust in their privacy policies.

New York Times hit by Chinese hackers
digital security new york timesOn Wednesday, the New York Times announced that hackers had relentlessly attacked its computer systems for months and had stolen passwords for reporters and employees. The Times studied their movements to find ways to build better defenses against them.

During the attacks, the hackers installed 45 pieces of malware. The antivirus software the Times was using only detected one piece of the malware. Click here to read more.

Apple falls off list of most trusted companies
Apple isn’t one of the most trusted companies in America anymore. Apple was first rated on the Ponemon Institute’s “Most Trusted Companies for Privacy” in 2009, and this is the first year since that the software giant didn’t rank on the list.

The study ranks the 20 companies that consumers trust the most with their personal data. The survey included 100,000 American adults on which organization was most likely to keep their information private. Click here to learn more.

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