Alamo Federal Credit Union picks SIGNiX for digital signatures.

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Alamo Federal Credit Union picks SIGNiX for digital signatures ...

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Alamo Federal Credit Union picks SIGNiX digital signaturesHere at SIGNiX, we're happy to announce that we've added Alamo Federal Credit Union (AFCU) to our client roster. AFCU is one of the fastest growing credit unions in Texas, and they will be using our digital signature products so their members can sign documents online.

“Now our members can sign documents anywhere they have Internet access,” said Max Villaronga, President and CEO of AFCU. “This partnership will be more convenient for our members and our employees. Members won’t have to come in to the branch every time we need their signature, and our employees won’t have to spend as much time mailing and filing paper documents.”

We will employ our MyDoX product, a standalone interface that lets users to upload documents, customize fields and immediately send documents out for signatures. We use cloud technology for document creation, making implementation seamless with no hardware or software.

In addition to convenience, MyDoX adds a level of security to the document signing process that wasn’t possible before for AFCU. Our signatures are fully compliant with the U.S. E-Sign Act, state UETA laws and international document and cryptographic standards.

“MyDoX lowers credit unions’ risk by tying users’ identities to their signatures,” said Jay Jumper, President and CEO of SIGNiX. “The documents created in MyDoX have the document history built in, so our customers can trust that their documents can’t be altered without it being immediately evident to all parties.”

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