"How To" Ideas for Achieving the Paperless Office

Posted by Rachel Garvey

We can really get behind Richard Walker's ideas in the TechLeaders 2012 article, "Achieving the Paperless Office: Methodologies and Technologies." He suggests that the paperless solution can come in three ways. Here's a summary of the three:

  1. Figure out your return on investment when you eliminate paper. What business owner can resist saving money?
  2. Identify specific internal systems within your company where you can eliminate paper.
  3. Find a company you can partner with to help you achieve a paperless office.

Seems simple enough, right?! Figure out your ROI, identify where you can save the money and then find someone to help you do it!

If you need help figuring out your ROI if you were to get rid of paper, give us a shout. Our Business Development Manager, Andy, can talk you through some of the savings you would receive if you were to use digital signatures. Click on the button below to Contact Us.

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