Why SIGNiX? An Interview with EVP Pem Guerry

Posted by Emily Maxie

With so many e-signature vendors on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. To help answer the question “Why SIGNiX?” I decided to sit down with our executive vice president Pem Guerry. Pem has been with SIGNiX for 10 years, and he has a broad knowledge about digital signature technology vendors.

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How does SIGNiX offer a superior product than competitors? 

We offer digital signatures, a specific and highly secure and trusted technology instead of the simple “click to sign” e-signature software that most of our competitors offer. Digital signatures are based on international standards instead of proprietary technologies that require the vendor to keep copies of e-signed documents for future legal evidence. 

Our signatures give clients permanent legal evidence that can be verified using any standard PDF reader without relying on SIGNiX. That’s critical in financial services, healthcare and other highly regulated industries that work with documents that have significant legal and financial importance.

Do you have better pricing or provide a better value than your competitors?

Our pricing is more flexible and is tailored to specific industries and technology partners. Our prices are usually competitive or lower than competitors’ pricing in spite of the added value and cost of our superior technology. 

What about SIGNiX are you are most proud of?

Offering the industry’s most secure and trusted solution and also creating close, mutually beneficial partnerships with other technology platforms.

What are some common misconceptions that you often have to clear up?

digital signature legalWe often have to work around the misconceptions that all electronic signatures are the same, that other solutions are “good enough” and that electronic signatures are the same as digital signatures. [Here's a white paper that tells the differences.]

With our digital signatures, customers don’t have to rely on us to verify signatures and documents in the future. This is not true with electronic signature competitors whose technology results in permanent vendor lock-in. This reliance can also cause real issues in court when evidence is required years down the line. 

We also have some more basic questions about e-signature technology. Many people ask if it’s legal. The answer is clearly yes, based on federal, state and international laws and case law. In fact, international laws generally favor digital signatures, the specific technology that we use.

People also struggle with whether the cost of digital signatures is justified. There too, the answer is a resounding yes. The return on investment is very attractive in pretty much all cases. Many of our prospects often don’t understand the costs of their paper-based processes or the full benefits of digital signatures in reducing costs, improving efficiencies, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

Is there something that people are always surprised to learn about your company, or your industry?

People are surprised to find out that a digital signature offers substantially more security and legal evidence than a paper-based process. The technology also cuts costs, the use of paper, time delays, misplaced documents, lost sales and more. 

Sometimes people are surprised to find out how simple it is to integrate digital signatures into existing document workflows. The solution is also very easy to use. In fact, most of our customers can be trained in a single one-hour training session.

Are there any exciting changes or developments in your company or industry that you can share with us?

SIGNiX is offering two groundbreaking enhancements in the months ahead:

      • A fully embedded solution that integrates into other software platforms more seamlessly than any solution offered to date by any vendor.
      • The first cloud based solution to offer “qualified” digital signatures, the most trusted international standard.

We have some other exciting things happening in the coming months, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

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