Calculate the ROI of Digital Signatures for Your Brokerage Firm

Posted by Emily Maxie

The digital signature market is in about the same place today as the Internet was in 1997. There’s tons of potential and a lot of hype, but there’s also some uncertainty.

roi of digital signaturesA lot of the uncertainty comes from trying to determine the return-on-investment (ROI) of adopting digital signatures. Of course, digital signatures create a more efficient workplace and speed up the pace of business. But today I’m just going to talk about the savings from eliminating fixed costs of doing business on paper.

I could wow you with statistics from top brokerage firms that switched to digital signatures, but I know each firm’s cost savings are different.

Instead, we’ve created a simple Excel worksheet to help you discover the ROI of switching to digital signatures for your brokerage firm.

This worksheet will help you calculate the cost of:

      • Printing documents
      • Mailing documents
      • Faxing documents
      • Scanning and filing documents

Once you’ve calculated the annual cost of paper-based processes, it'll be easier to know if digital signatures will yield a positive ROI for your firm. 

ROI of Digital Signatures Calculator

Have you seen cost savings from switching to digital signatures? We’d love to learn about it. Comment below or Tweet us @signixsolutions to tell us your ROI success story!

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