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3 Reasons to Go Paperless on World Environment Day and Beyond

Transitioning to the cloud for data storage and cutting back on paper usage is not only good for your business’s bottom line—it’s also good for the environment. Plus, when your company goes paperless, it can experience other benefits, such as increased productivity, optimized workflows and a seamless, integrated experience—which, in turn, lead to improved employee morale and greater customer satisfaction.
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5 Habits of Highly Effective Paper Purgers

Pem Guerry, executive vice president of SIGNiX, recently wrote an article for Small Biz Daily about ways to reduce paper usage and transition to a digital workflow. In the article, he said:
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Earth Day Infographic: America's Addiction to Paper

Happy Earth Day! Here at SIGNiX, we’re doing our part for the environment by helping companies across the country eliminate paper waste. It’s exciting to be a part of a company that’s having such an impact on our planet.
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