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Digital Signatures vs. Electronic Signatures White Paper

Since we posted about our security model yesterday, we thought we'd draw your attention to our Apples To Oranges - Digital Signatures vs. Electronic Signatures white paper. This particular white paper helps address the differences between digital signatures and electronic signatures. They are, indeed, very similar, but you'll find that digital signatures are more specialized and include way more security features. That's where the standards pop in. Because digital signatures have such high standards, SIGNiX has incredibly high standards. We set up our security model to be in line with those standards so that our clients have the highest quality product available.
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Aberdeen Report on Shrinking the Sales Cycle with Digital Signatures

For a limited time, SIGNiX is sponsoring access to the new Aberdeen Report: Optimizing Lead-To-Win: Shrinking the Sales Cycle and Focusing Closers on Sealing More Deals.
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