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Keep Eyes Off Your Prize: Why Multi-Factor Authentication Is a Real Estate Must

An article co-written by John Harris, chief technology officer at SIGNiX, and Lisa Mihelcich, chief operating office of zipLogix, which recently appeared on RISMedia, discussed the importance of multi-factor authentication in the real estate industry. In the article, they said:
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Multi-factor Authentication – Not an Option and Not Just for People

Cyber threat actors continue to proliferate, constantly evolving or creating new attacks, vectors and techniques that make defense seem a nearly impossible task. Our cyber welfare is further complicated by the Internet of Things (IoT), which has made virtually every device a network entry point.
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New Year: Time to Jump on the E-Signature Bandwagon

The New Year always brings fresh beginnings, new perspectives and plenty of resolutions. For companies, it’s a time to think about updating processes, platforms and methods so your people and clients can work smarter and more efficiently—and so your company saves money. We have a clean slate, after all, so it makes sense to make changes now before we get too bogged down in our same old ways.
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