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How can digital signatures improve data privacy for healthcare?

Data privacy has taken on new urgency in the past year. Tech visionaries once praised as architects of a connected world now face tough questions—and strict regulations—concerning how they collect, process, and manage personal data. Nowhere is personally identifiable information (PII) more closely scrutinized than in the healthcare industry. Back in 2014, we asked eminent data privacy and legal expert Timothy Reiniger to discuss how SIGNIX digital signature technology provides critical safeguards and secure data access for health information exchanges. His comments have proved prescient and durable.
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7 Trends Shaping the Future of Life Sciences

We live in a world of technological wonders. Everyday, innovation brings amazing new possibilities, along with chances to improve health and quality of life for more people than ever before.
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5 Ways to Protect Sensitive Healthcare Data

John Harris, chief technology officer of SIGNiX, recently wrote an article for Health IT Outcomes about ways healthcare organizations can protect sensitive patient data. In the article, he discussed the importance of using modern, up-to-date software and equipment. He says:
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