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Investing in Chattanooga: What It's Like to be a GIGTANK Mentor

When Steve moved to Chattanooga three years ago, he could hardly recognize the city he’d grown up in. Instead of smokestacks that filled Chattanooga with smog and earned it the nickname “the dirtiest city in America,” Steve found a thriving business atmosphere and a cultural hub. “My wife and I were amazed at how much the city had changed since we left after high school,” Steve said. “The city has done an amazing job creating an infrastructure and a positive business environment.” 
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CBS: SIGNiX's hometown is a growing hub for tech companies

Here at SIGNiX, we're always excited to hear news about our hometown, Chattanooga, TN. Today, we got some national news coverage from CBS News! They did a nice piece about our super fast Internet speeds (the fastest in the country) and what that means for tech companies in Chattanooga. It's fun to be working in a city that's known for technology innovation.
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Jay joins other Gig City business leaders for Experience Talks

Yesterday we had a neat opportunity to reach out into the community and interact with other small business leaders in the Tennessee Valley. Our CEO Jay Jumper had the chance to offer his insights as a panelist for an Experience Talk at the Camp House in Chattanooga. 
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