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Top broker-dealers choose SIGNiX for secure e-sign integration

The top independent broker-dealers in America rely on the superior security and data privacy of our patented digital signature process.

More than 40% of the top 50 independent broker-dealers in the United States use the SIGNiX Digital Signature Platform to e-sign sensitive financial documents.

Risks Associated with Paperless Processes

Digital signatures on forms and contracts are important to any enterprise, and particularly so in highly regulated industries like wealth management. For broker-dealers, compliance failures can result in tremendous fines, legal remediation, and severely—or irreparably—damaged relationships with clients. The efficiency benefits of paperless, “straight-through” document processing are often negated by the privacy and security shortcomings of simple electronic signature solutions.

Digital Signature Advantages

SIGNiX helps broker-dealers mitigate these risks by offering a digital signature with military-grade cryptography via clearing firms and software partners that serve the wealth management industry. Digital signatures are the most secure type of online signing and include several critical security and data privacy advantages over lightweight e-signatures.

Embedded Legal Evidence

In addition to the inherent risk reduction of digital signatures, SIGNiX embeds comprehensive legal evidence directly into the signed PDF. This patented process enables the deletion of unnecessary copies of documents, giving SIGNiX partners complete control over a single source of confidential data. The entire process, from digital signature to embedded evidence, takes seconds.

The best e-signature for broker-dealers

“When a new client is ready to sign, broker-dealers know how important it is to process the forms quickly,” said Pem Guerry, EVP of SIGNiX. “Our solution enables broker-dealers to capture signatures immediately, on any internet-connected device, with all the security, data privacy, and compliance benefits of a true digital signature.”

“Electronic signature capability is increasingly important in wealth management,” said Mark Tapling, CEO of Docupace. “SIGNiX’s secure technology and seamless integration with Docupace delivers a cost effective and compelling experience for our clients.“

SIGNiX digital signatures are integrated with the Docupace Platform, NetX360® from Pershing, and with other applications that broker-dealers already use. Guerry said these integrations make it easy for broker-dealers to take advantage of straight-through processing and digital signatures without having to learn new software applications.