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Remote online notarization (“RON”) has been around for almost a decade, and more recently it has been making headlines. During the pandemic, people all over the world became very familiar with the term “remote”. Businesses and schools were challenged to accomplish just as much with employees, students, and other partners working from home as they had when they were on location. Although there were numerous negative effects of the pandemic, several revelations came about, including the benefits of utilizing RON.

In 2013, SIGNiX became one of the first notary platforms to complete a RON transaction. This RON transaction was completed in Virginia regarding the purchase of real estate in a different country. Since that monumental day, SIGNiX has worked tirelessly to develop its technology to the highest standards of security. Several other software platforms created their own RON product. Unlike SIGNiX, many of these platforms haven’t implemented proper customer support options. Additionally, several platforms with complex pricing often result in unanticipated fees.

RON has rapidly expanded and caught national attention in recent years. The SECURE Notarization Act passed through the House of Representatives in July with overwhelming support, and it now awaits its moment in the Senate. This legislation will open RON to every citizen within the United States. As of right now, laws regarding RON are left to individual states. States such as California, Delaware, and Connecticut are among those without legal access to RON. The extremely convenient nature of RON has been discovered by so many and should be accessible to everyone. SIGNiX is North America’s leading RON provider and is prepared for a continued successful future for RON.

RON is the future of notarization! You don’t want to get left behind by relying on wet ink. RON is far more convenient than traditional notarization. Additionally, RON is superior in terms of security and fraud protection. RON is also a more affordable option. SIGNiX is hopeful that the SECURE Notarization Act will become law and that every U.S. citizen will benefit from RON. The SIGNiX RON platform has been developed over the past decade to prepare for national RON usage.

SIGNiX is thoroughly experienced and compliant with RON regulations. The SIGNiX RON platform meets common state standards by including an X509 Digital Certificate, an audio-visual recording of the notarial act, and a multi-factor authentication process. Another favorable feature of SIGNiX is the extent of customer support options. SIGNiX gives customers numerous opportunities to learn and master our product. We offer FREE live training, a personal client success manager, and consistent support to every SIGNiX customer. Most importantly, SIGNiX takes a simple and transparent approach to pricing and never hides additional fees.

If you’re ready to join the RON movement, you’ll be prepared with SIGNiX. As one of the leading RON providers, SIGNiX is committed to extending its customer base by providing excellent service at a fair price. Find out today why SIGNiX is the best choice for your business.

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