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SIGNiX, the leading digital signature provider in North America, has also been a pioneer in creating new business opportunities for notaries with its in person eNotary product and its RON capability for notaries in Virginia, the first state to adopt this revolutionary technology. With recent enhancements to comply with the laws in an ever-expanding number of other states, SIGNiX has expanded the reach of eNotaryDoX, its comprehensive platform for eNotaries.

SIGNiX chose a very different path than the online notary services that compete directly with both independent and in-house notaries and instead gives these notaries the tools to further expand their notary business.

Jay Jumper, CEO of SIGNiX, summarized the SIGNiX vision for the market, “Notaries play a critical role in enabling many important transactions to be completed in a trusted environment, and our mission is to provide them with opportunities for new business as well as significant improvements in customer convenience, cost effectiveness, security and protection against fraud.”

The market’s reaction to the latest enhancements has been extremely positive with new notaries rapidly adopting eNotaryDoX. According to Jake Burkhalter, a noted trainer of eNotaries from DFW Notary, “SIGNiX’s platform is unique in the market for its ease of navigation combined with affordability. Similar platforms require extravagant fees with a convoluted support system. With SIGNiX, the training is in-house with no extra charge, and their support team is reachable. My business partner and I have found them to be customer-oriented, giving individual notaries a sound platform to grow their remote online and electronic notary business.”

Brenda Stone recently reported a similar update on Notary.net, “SIGNiX is now able to onboard independent notaries and, best of all, the pricing structure is reasonable! I have seen the platform in action as a consumer/signer. It was smooth!” Brenda is a big believer in RON legislation so that other states’ notaries are not providing RON services to the citizens of her state.

About SIGNiX

SIGNiX was founded in 2002 with a mission to bring safe, secure digital signatures and eNotary solutions to highly regulated industries like real estate, title, wealth management, healthcare and government. SIGNiX owns eight patents for its digital signature process and is the largest cloud-based digital signature provider based in North America.

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