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A survey by ALTA noted that Remote Online Notarization transactions increased by an impressive 547% in 2020 as compared to 2019. The main contributing factor behind this drastic statistic is... You guessed it, the pandemic of 2020. The pandemic inconvenienced almost everyone around the world. Thankfully, platforms such as SIGNiX offered RON, which had already been tested, developed, and utilized successfully. Other competitors have more recently tried to adapt to the changing nature of the notary world, and many fall short in terms of security and support. With the extensive momentum surrounding remote online notarization, one question trumps many others: “could RON be the beginning of the end for wet ink notarizations?”

What are the benefits of RON versus wet ink notarizations?

           Many people are still hesitant about RON for a variety of reasons. Some may assume the software is too difficult to navigate or understand, while others may not fully understand the many benefits of RON. The additional security and fraud protection are the most impressive assets among the several benefits of remote online notarization. Within a SIGNiX RON transaction, a robust audit trail tracks every detail of the notarization. This audit trail includes information such as IP address, signer’s email, and the time of the notarization.  A RON transaction also prevents any alteration to notarized documents.  With the transaction being captured on video, it is far less likely for fraud to occur. Furthermore, a RON transaction, as opposed to a wet signature, is by far more convenient for all parties involved. Remote online notarizations can be effortlessly completed from the comfort of your home or office. SIGNiX also offers a complete notary solution by offering everything needed to complete any form of RON transaction you might need. 

Wet Ink vs RON  (1)Wet Ink vs RON

How will the SECURE Notarization Act lead us further into the future?

               The SECURE Notarization Act will most notably make RON legal for every U.S. citizen. As of right now, RON legislation is left to the decision of individual states.  States such as California, Delaware, and Connecticut still require wet ink notarizations.

               Many people are recognizing the easy and convenient nature of RON. The ability to notarize documents anywhere, anytime is a significant time saver. Additionally, RON is far more secure with embedded legal evidence in every transaction. Every U.S citizen is potentially expected to soon reap the many benefits of RON. This may mean that wet ink notarizations will slowly disappear. Regardless of the numerous benefits of RON, it still may take time for many people to adjust to making the switch to remote notarizations.Wet Ink vs RON  (2)

       SIGNiX understands that switching to RON isn’t such an easy choice for everyone. For that reason and more, SIGNiX is equipped to answer questions, address concerns, and walk through the RON software with you. SIGNiX also provides free live demos, training webinars, and a client success manager for every RON user. We find it imperative that you fully understand the product you’re investing in. As a platform that stands behind its product, SIGNiX commits to providing the support  to make RON work for you. Are you ready to learn more about making RON work for you?

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