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Are you looking for a complete notary solution that complies with every one of your client’s needs? You’ve come to the right place! SIGNiX is one of the few notary solutions that offers a RON product to meet everyone’s needs. The SECURE Notarization Act is currently in the process of being passed. This legislation will open RON to the entire United States. If the SECURE Notarization Act fully passes, there will be extended notarization options for every U.S. citizen. SIGNiX began working on a RON solution over a decade ago and has progressed its RON product to the highest levels of security. Despite this new legislation, individuals still reserve the right to choose how they prefer to go forward with their notarizations. SIGNiX offers the complete RON solution.

This complete solution includes:

  • Remote Online Notary
  • Mobile Notary
  • RON as a Service

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Remote Online Notary

RON LAW week 6 - the complete solution (2)

Remote Online Notarization, also referred to as RON, is a completely at-home notary solution. Momentum was sparked following the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020. The ease and convenience of RON became evident. Now in 2022, we are awaiting the Senate’s decision regarding the SECURE Notarization Act of 2022.  The major benefit of RON is that notarizations can be done fully remotely. RON transactions will require 3 minimum standards that must be met. These standards set forth by the SECURE Notarization Act include:

  • Audio-visual Recording
  • Tamper-evident Technology
  • Multi-factor Authentication

Every notarial act must have such tasks implemented within the notary software that is being utilized. A notary must appear on camera with the signer and record the notarial act. The notarization also must be proven to have not been tampered with by a seal that notes security. Additionally, the signer must complete a series of KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication) questions to verify their identity. SIGNiX’s platform includes each of these important factors. For these reasons and more, SIGNiX is the leading RON platform in North America.

Mobile Notary

The major difference between RON and a mobile notary is that a mobile notary is one that will come directly to you. Despite thisRON LAW week 6 - the complete solution (Banner (Landscape)) (Instagram Post (Square)) being a face-to-face meeting, SIGNiX’s notary product can still be utilized. The only difference is that rather than the notarization taking place with the notary and signer completing the notarial act over a video call, the action is happening face-to-face. The benefit of still using SIGNiX is that your documents involved in the notarization will be kept secure with tamper-evident technology. Those same documents can also be stored by the signer.  Unlike alternative RON platforms, SIGNiX doesn't need to keep a copy of your documents.   Because SIGNiX’s RON solution is cloud-based, notarizations can happen anytime, anyplace. 

RON as a Service

RON LAW week 6 - the complete solution (5)In addition to providing software to notaries to enable them to perform an electronic notarization remotely or in person, SIGNiX has a network of notaries on demand to notarize documents via RON for individuals needing to get a document notarized.  SIGNiX partners with various mobile notaries nationwide to bring a preferred notarization process to you!

SIGNiX is one of the only RON providers that has this extent of alternatives to enable you to complete your notarizations. We believe everyone deserves the right to choose how they want to execute their notarizations, remotely or in person. User preference is vital to a customer’s experience. Additionally, everyone deserves the right to notarizations that are executed with top-notch security and accuracy. Protecting our consumers from potential forgery and fraud is something we take seriously.

Are you in need of SIGNiX’s RON solution? Reach out below and meet with one of our team members today!

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