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Are you aware that a bill is on its way to becoming law and will change everything you’ve known about notarization? For several years, there has been growing energy surrounding Remote Online Notarization, commonly referred to as “RON”. In recent months, the momentum surrounding this topic has exploded.   The initial burst in the expansion of RON laws was instigated by the Coronavirus Pandemic beginning in 2020. The digital world took off at a sprint, and digitized notarization took an important role in this. The utilization of RON on a nationwide level, however, has not yet been achieved as a few states have not yet passed state RON laws. RON is not only extremely time efficient, but it also helps reduce notary costs in most cases. Along with this, online notary transactions can be executed from the comfort of your home and provide more protection against fraud than traditional notarization. RON saves you time, money, hassle, and risk. It is time for RON to be available to everyone.

What’s Happening in Washington

Prior to the SECURE Notarization Act of 2022 passing through the House of Representatives, several U.S. states, including California, had not yet legalized the use of RON. Passing through the House with a vote of 336-90, this legislation is set up for success as it makes its way to the Senate. There is a high expectation for passage of the SECURE Notarization Act, which ensures that the significant benefits of RON will be available for everyone in all fifty states as well as D.C. and U.S. territories. So how exactly does this change everything? Let’s look at RON in further detail.

Who Currently Benefits from RON

As of right now, only 43 out of 50 states are legally able to utilize Remote Online Notarization. Out of those 43 states, there are several that have only recently become RON eligible. A few of these states include New York, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. There have been several states, including Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida, that have been successfully operating with the use of RON for some time. States previously left out, such as California, South Carolina, and Georgia will now have access to the simplistic and effective nature of digital notarization.

How SIGNiX is Prepared

               SIGNiX has been preparing for this moment for nearly ten years after conducting the first RON transaction in 2013. According to Jay Jumper, CEO, “The benefits of RON are so compelling that it was only a matter of time before it became the Law of the land, and we have been committed to offering the premier solution available when that day came.” Numerous providers in the remote notary market fall short in security, automation via APIs, and in technical support for their customers. As we continue to transition into a world that relies on RON, SIGNiX is the leader in customer service for the digital notary industry. Your questions will be answered, and concerns validated through the personal touch of the SIGNiX team. Our live webinar trainings, online demonstrations, and customer service team are prepped to make RON work for you. SIGNiX has always worked ahead of the world’s changes, rather than working against them.



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