Life on the road can be challenging, especially for up-and-coming music artists. Between playing shows, traveling and engaging with fans, they have little time to spend on administrative tasks, such as booking engagements.

The owners and operators of a music venue in Chattanooga, Tennessee quickly realized this fact after opening their doors in 2011.

They had great success in reaching artists who were interested in playing at their venue, but when it came to signing contracts with these traveling artists, they experienced big delays in communication.

What’s the best solution for this challenge? E-signatures.

E-signatures allow documents to be sent and signed remotely and securely—reducing paper usage and costs associated with printing or mailing documents while dramatically shortening the average transaction period.

This is a big win for music artists because they can complete a venue’s contract in a matter of minutes, not days. They don’t need a printer, a scanner or even a pen. As long as they have internet access, they can e-sign the documents and get back to what really matters—their music. 


So how does it work? 

Once an e-signature solution is chosen, music venues can activate it and begin using it right away. A cloud-based option is recommended, because you won’t need to install or download new programs to get started, and signers can access it from any computer or mobile device. You’ll simply upload your documents into the platform, prepare them to be signed and send them to the artists. 

For added benefits, some e-signatures can be integrated with your existing software programs—giving you the ability to customize the entire signing process to best fit your needs. Integration allows you to create required information fields, incorporate your own branding, link to your current document management system and more. This gives music venues more control over the workflow of contracts and can greatly improve efficiency. 

The right e-signature also allows you to quickly and easily set up levels of cybersecurity protection to ensure that authorized users are the only ones with access to your documents. 

Artists who have dealt with the hassle of signing paper contracts while on the road—having to scan, fax or mail documents once they’ve been signed—will appreciate the simple, fast signing process you’re able to offer with e-signatures. Plus, you’ll spend less time waiting on contracts to be signed and returned.

The choice is clear: e-signatures are the perfect fit for music venues and artists.

To see it in action, set up some time with one of our folks to give you a quick demo.


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