The Digital Signature ROI In our series on Digital Signature ROI, we’ve been exploring how electronic signature solutions can lower costs, increase efficiency, and create more productive employees.

In the next few posts, we’re going to show you the money… that is, we’ll talk about why electronic signatures can substantially improve how quickly your company gets paid for its services. 

When we send paper contracts to be wet ink signed, we are relying on expectations that a signer will be present at a specific address to sit down at a desk, open an envelope, pull out a pen, complete your documents, and then turn around, find an envelope and return them back. Even with emailed electronic documents or faxes, we still expect a signer to be around a printer or fax machine.

The challenge is that signers are mobile these days. The concept of a physical desk that you sit at every morning is rapidly fleeting as we deploy technologies that allow individuals to be incredibly productive wherever they might be. Users these days expect technology that can allow them 24/7 access to email, networks, documents, and workflows.

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) published a survey asking companies what types of employees are typically asked to sign documents:

Types of Employees Who Sign Docs

That chart clearly shows a majority of documents need to be signed off by highly mobile senior executives, alongside a variety of other signers, all of whom are increasingly mobile. 

An electronic signature system like SIGNiX can be accessed by anyone, on any device, at anytime, anywhere. Digital signature solutions provide a way for signers to review documents, acknowledge receipt, approve terms and sign off no matter their location or mobility. International clients can sign off on contracts just as quickly as their domestic colleagues. The customer who always lost contracts in the mailroom or was never at their desk can now sign from poolside… on vacation!

All of this means you can close that deal or finish that sale in a much shorter period of time since you’re not waiting on someone to get back to their office. You’re also providing better customer service by making it substantially easier to do business with your company. Customers won’t complain about the delay in their order due to a missing signature, and they may in fact choose your company over others because they simply prefer the speedier turnaround and minimal fuss involved in getting a contract signed.

Top analyst firm Forrester noted, with electronic signatures, “financial services firms and insurance companies report average contract cycle times falling from one or two weeks to a matter of days — or hours." [my emphasis]

Better customer service combined with faster revenue matched with competitive advantage? Sign me up!

Take a look at a FREE video showing a demonstration of digital signatures at work.

ROI of Digital Signatures Calculator

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