Digital signatures ease compliance for the health care industry

Posted by Pem Guerry

The growing adoption of digital signatures in the health care industry can be attributed to the need for administrative efficiency and improved record/data management. Also, legislation has been passed in countries around the globe, mandating the protection of patients' digital medical records.

The benefits that health care organizations have obtained from digital signatures include all of the above and more, not to mention cost savings. The South Carolina Department of Mental Health saved over $4 million dollars in the first year of implementing digital signatures solely from eliminating the need to print and route thousands of documents daily across their ten locations.

Despite the growing acceptance of digital signatures among health care organizations, many are still left in the dark. Providers are so accustomed to using paper for signature approval processes that they often don’t recognize the disadvantages of doing so. They’re often quite aware of how significant the benefits can be from turning their paper-based approval processes into electronic, but they don’t realize that it’s not “all or nothing”.

SIGNIX technology is a complete enterprise signature solution which introduces enhanced capabilities that support diverse and complex signing processes of documents, forms and business communications with a range of security that fits your signing needs while mitigating risk and reducing costs.

SIGNiX digital signing solutions can be customized according to the needs of the enterprise. Any SIGNiX SIGNOLOGY solution assures a trustworthy, authenticated paperless transaction, while automating and speeding up the business process, improving staff productivity and providing a quick return on investment (ROI).

Digital signatures are inserted into the document and easily travel electronically to their destination, assuring the sender, the signee, data integrity and overall trust. SIGNOLOGY solutions can be seamlessly integrated with any business application without needing to change the existing workflow.


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