How to Use E-Signatures with zipForm and zipLogix Digital Ink™

Posted by Emily Maxie

e signatures for real estateAs the housing market continues to rebound, real estate agents across the country are fighting to be the first to secure listings and win bids for buyers. This fast paced environment has made e-signatures an essential part of real estate success. 

For the more than 800,000 real estate agents with access to the zipForm software, getting an e-signature is fast and easy with zipLogix Digital Ink®. This service provides simple, secure and legal e-signatures from within the zipForm portal.


Here's how it works:

First, open a transaction and click on the "eSign" button. From the drop-down, click "sign."

Next, pick the form you want to send out to be signed from the options on the left side of the screen. You can use the arrow buttons to reorder the forms. 

When you're finished picking the forms, enter your name, email address and a message to the signers. It's a good idea to personalize the message as much as possible so that signers know what documents they're about to view and sign.

Next, you will decide who should recieve the document. To select a party, check the box beside the party's role. You can also check the "Enable/Disable All" box to select or de-select all roles in the list. If you have a role selected, you're required to fill out contact information for the role. 

Pro Tip: You can pull contact information from the service's Address Book by clicking on the contact information icon. 

Next, you can use the arrow buttons to change the signing order. Emails are sent in sequential order, and signers won't receive an email until the party before them on the list has finished the signing process. Make sure to rearrange your recipients into the order you want them to receive the email.

Pro Tip: You may also add roles that are not listed by clicking on the 'Add a new party' button. For more information on how to add a new party, click here to find out how.

Select the Verify ID($) option to enable identity verification. This feature adds security and legal evidence to the transaction to protect you if one of your documents is ever challenged in court. Click here to learn more about identity verification.  

When you're finished, click on the "Send Now" button to start the signing process immediately, or click the "Continue to zipLogix Digital Ink®" button to access the zipLogix Digital Ink® Dashboard.

In the zipLogix Digital Ink® Dashboard, you can add outside documents to the transaction, and you can start or stop the signing process. You will see a preview of the form containing all signature fields. Click here for more information on how to add outside documents within the zipLogix Digital Ink® Dashboard.

A notification screen will inform you that the process will use one of your credits. Click "Yes" to send the transaction using a credit. If you click "No," you will cancel the process, and no credits will be used. 

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