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As a Laser App partner, our e-signature products are seamlessly integrated into Laser App Anywhere, helping broker-dealers get documents signed online. This is a priority for firms with highly mobile clients who want financial services at their fingertips. With SIGNiX, clients can review and sign documents online at their own pace no matter where they are.

e signature laser appEnable Faster and More Compliant Transactions

With SIGNiX and Laser App, you can get client signatures on investment documents in hours instead of days or weeks. And you can enable mandatory fields, so you’ll have 100% complete documents every time. That means you never need to track down clients and have them re-send or re-sign documents. SIGNiX’s processes are also FINRA/SEC compliant.

Enjoy Straight Through Processing

With SIGNiX, you can go beyond simply collecting e-signatures. All documents, data and signatures are connected to Laser App Anywhere’s back-end system and be routed to your intermediaries. This eliminates faxing, scanning and manual re-keying. And because data fields get collected, captured and verified at the point of signature, you’ll see a drastic reduction in NIGO documents.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

SIGNiX can save you a huge amount of time. You can easily send documents for signature from the Laser App Anywhere platform. This gives you more time to spend on relationship building and sales instead of paperwork. Not to mention the savings you’ll see by reducing the need to print, fax, mail and store paper documents.  

Rest Easy with Best-in-Class Security and Integrity

SIGNiX offers the highest possible level of document security. Signed documents are tamper-evident and come with a highly detailed audit trail, giving more than enough evidence in the event of arbitration. Many firms prefer to store confidential client documents on their own servers, and SIGNiX’s exclusive Flex StorageTM technology gives firms this option since the necessary legal evidence is embedded in every document.  

Boost Advisor and Client Satisfaction

With SIGNiX, your clients and brokers can sign documents anytime, anywhere on any device. This technology makes it faster and easier to interact with your firm. Plus it’s easy! Every second, someone signs a new document using SIGNiX.   

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