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SIGNiX_Limelight-01-1.pngThe SIGNiX Limelight shines on members of the SIGNiX Team to show the world just how great our co-workers really are. Enjoy getting to know more about the faces behind SIGNiX’s secure and easy-to-use Independent E-Signature™ technology.

The Facts:Pem_Guerry_Circle.png

Pem Guerry

Executive Vice President

Years with SIGNiX: 13


What do you do at SIGNiX?

I manage legal issues, including contracting with clients, partners and vendors. I also manage intellectual property and strategic initiatives and am responsible for the marketing team.


What makes SIGNiX awesome?

We provide a service that can impact the way tens of millions of people do business. It makes companies much more efficient and legally protects countless people who execute documents.


What helps you get through a bad workday?

I can't imagine a bad workday at SIGNiX! [laughs] My working colleagues at SIGNiX and at our customers really do make my days brighter.


What do you appreciate most about your team?

I am a part of the executive team and also the marketing team. Each team has a relentless attitude, and they are always ready for a new challenge.


Where are you the most productive?

I am the most productive in a conference room, away from the distractions of my phone, my computer and my cluttered desk.


Why did you begin working with SIGNiX?

I wanted to use e-signatures while working for the State of Tennessee, but I was told that that was not possible in the late 1990s. When I found out that a Chattanooga company had the technology to do it, I assumed that everyone else would want it as badly as I did. Several major American corporations said they wanted to move forward with SIGNiX, and I joined the team. It only took 10 more years to take off!


What is your favorite dessert?

A Grand Marnier Soufflé. The best soufflé I’ve ever had was in Paris when we were served a plain soufflé - with a bottle of Grand Marnier to pour over the soufflé.


Where do you go to get away from work?

I go to the tennis court to try to relive my long ago history as a professional tennis player.


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