Report highlights unique qualities of SIGNiX’s cloud-based digital signature service.

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SIGNiX, a leading digital signature provider, today announced that Forrester Research Inc. recognized them as a Strong Performer, according to the recently released report The Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures, Q2 2013. Forrester selected SIGNiX as among the 10 most significant software providers in the e-signature market, and rated Strong Performers as those whose solutions were well-balanced and offered solid performance. SIGNiX also received top scores for enterprise scalability and digital signature criteria.

The Forrester report confirms that while e-signatures are gaining momentum, “enterprise requirements vary significantly” and determining the “long-term viability of an e-signature solution becomes a required conversation.”

In fact, the Forrester report states: “Getting customers and business to sign electronically is becoming less of a challenge. Convincing legal that the business will not be a risk is becoming the larger one…The right stress test is to assume your SaaS or on-premises vendor disappears and see what you have to take to court.”

SIGNiX’s reliance on standards-based signature technology means organizations that rely on documents signed by SIGNiX only need the signed PDF documents and TotalAudit transaction history to provide the necessary electronic evidence. Many other solutions require users to visit the vendor’s website to validate a signature, which means those documents are tied to the vendor for their entire lifetime. With SIGNiX, all of that information is directly embedded into the document, eliminating a critical enterprise legal and compliance risk.

“We’re very proud and excited to hear about our inclusion in the Forrester Wave,” said Jay Jumper, president and CEO of SIGNiX. “The fact that Forrester cited SIGNiX as a strong performer vindicates what our customers have been saying for the past ten years: ‘SIGNiX is an authority on digital signatures.’ We feel the report confirms the company is on the right track with our product offering and strategy, and we look forward to redefining the world of digital signatures in the coming months and years ahead.”


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