Going paperless in your admissions office is difficult and costly if not done correctly. Creating an effective paperless plan can increase applications, assure compliance and minimize transition costs.

digital signatures educationWith the transition to a paperless admissions system, students applying to colleges and universities should find the process faster and more dependable, not to mention more helpful to counselors.

Making every applicant’s documents available electronically streamlines the process, saves time, and virtually eliminates the risk of losing materials. In addition, any admissions staff member can access a student’s file. That all adds up to better service for counselors and students alike.

By using SIGNiX for Education, both public and private universities — as well as institutions and medical colleges — are expanding student services, improving financial performance, enhancing operational visibility and reducing costs. The result is better management of communications for campus activities, student lifecycle, research, grants, financials, operations, human capital, procurement, and assets.

How Does SIGNiX Work for Higher Education?

  • Provides the convenience of signing/reviewing documents, regardless of format, from anywhere
  • Facilitates rapid completion of a transaction without delay
  • Reduces direct costs of printing, overnight deliveries, couriers, copying, filing, storing, etc.
  • Provides immediate application processing and obtains consent for background search for students, staff and volunteers
  • Helps reduce the resources and costs associated with preparing, reviewing and archiving student and employment packages
  • Helps provide a positive on-boarding experience for new students and new staff 

Admissions will become fully paperless once more schools make the switch to electronic transcripts, greatly reducing the amount of time it takes to process an application. Timalyn O’Neill, Assistant Director of Admissions, said, “I’m confident this will result in even better service for students and counselors.”
What makes a digital signature legal?

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