Here at SIGNiX, we're always looking for ways to make our digital signature products even better. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the December 2013 of our digital signature software! The new release adds some valuable features to SIGNiX’s digital signature products. They include:

digital signatureClient Choice™

This new EnterpriseDoX feature allows clients to create multiple sets of documents that can be packaged into a single transaction. Each of the document sets can be made mandatory or optional, letting the client customize workflows and allow signers to choose from a variety of options within an account opening or other similar application.

Documents within optional document sets are also contingent on each other, which means that if one document is opted into by a signer, the other documents in that document set are also made mandatory. This allows clients a rich set of capabilities for sending complex packages of documents for use cases that require multiple, dependent documents and forms. Signers and document reviewers are informed about these document sets through an intuitive user interface. 

Seamless Signatures™ Improvements

[Feature first released in the Fall 2013 Product Update]

We now offer an industry-leading rebranding, customization and integration capability that allows clients to completely embed and control aspects of the SIGNiX document preparation, Wizard and transaction control is embedded directly into clients’ own websites and portals. With this feature, clients can rebrand SIGNiX’s MyDoX tools and dashboard with colors, fonts, icons and tools that coordinate with the client’s user interface. This creates a more intuitive user experience, without any visible indication they are transitioning between the client’s application and SIGNiX’s software.

      • The MyDoX Wizard interface can be securely embedded inside the client’s user interface.
      • The client has highly granular control of personalization, appearance and branding through SIGNiX's CustomBrand™. SIGNiX can work with clients to define custom “skins” for the Wizard to match each client’s visual identity.
      • Clients can construct their own user interface for any of the Wizard functions. A hybrid approach is also available, where some functions are completed with the client’s interface and some operate by embedding SIGNiX’s Wizard. 
      • When SIGNiX’s Wizard is embedded, the client’s user interface can securely interact with it. Controls in the client application can cause actions in the embedded Wizard, and actions done in the Wizard can make changes in the client’s user interface (through event notifications). This capability allows the toolbars in the SIGNiX Wizard to be hidden and replaced by controls in the client’s user interface.
      • The client application can interact with SIGNiX using the same programming interface (API) that the SIGNiX Wizard uses. This API is available to both the browser (via AJAX) and the client’s server.
      • The API allows for editing of in-process transactions (adding parties and documents to existing transactions from a client’s server application, rather than through SIGNiX’s user interface).
      • Allows fine grained investigation of transaction status.

Click here to read the full release notes. For more information regarding implementation of these two new features, please stay tuned to or contact your SIGNiX representative. 

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