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digital signatures onlineLooking for a way to create digital signatures online? With MyDoX, it couldn’t be easier. Our cloud-based service lets you upload documents, add signature fields and send them out for signature without having to download any software.

To show you how easy it is to create a digital signature online, here’s an insider look into our typical workflow for uploading a document into MyDoX.

1. Create a new transaction in MyDoX

With MyDoX, it’s easy to create a new transaction. You can upload multiple documents into a transaction if you have more than one document you need signed, so there’s no need to send multiple transactions to the same group of people.

2. Add parties to the transaction

MyDoX lets you add multiple parties to your transaction if you need more than one person to sign a document. It also gives you the freedom to have multiple people signing at the same time. Or if you’d rather, you can have the document signed in stages by multiple people. MyDoX will automatically send the document to the next person in the sequence after each party signs. You can also CC people on the transaction if you’d like them to be able to see the completed, signed documents when the transaction is finished.

3. Pick the type of authentication for each party

MyDoX offers several levels of authentication based on the importance of the document and whether or not you know the person signing the document. Click here to read an article going over the options available for MyDoX authentication.

4. Upload PDF documents into the SIGNiX cloud

You can upload any PDF into the MyDoX interface.

5. Add signature or initial fields to the document

create digital signature onlineWith MyDoX, you can drag and drop as many signatures or initial fields onto a document as you’d like. You can also add text and other fields to the document.

6. Send the document out for signature or save it as a template

You can prepare a message that will be sent to each party in the transaction and then either send the transaction or save it as a reusable template. This simple templating feature eliminates the need to re-enter information for documents you use a lot.

7. Track the document

After you hit send, the signers will be sent emails to give them access to the documents. You will get an email notification when the transaction has been completed. You can also view the status and event history of the transaction at any time by logging on to MyDoX. You can even edit or cancel the transaction, add documents, and email parties mid-transaction.

Once the transaction has been completed, you can retrieve the final signed documents and download them. You have the option to have SIGNiX store the documents on their servers, or if you‘d like to store them on your own servers for security reasons, you can request that SIGNiX securely delete the documents off of our servers. When you download the document, you also get a PDF version of the completed audit trail, which gives a history of every signature or change made to the document.

Want to learn more about how to create digital signatures online? Join one of our informational classes! In the “Introduction to Digital Signatures” session, our digital signature professor Andy Golden will show you MyDoX in action.


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