8 Twitter Feeds All Financial Advisors Should Follow

Posted by Emily Maxie
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Twitter can be an invaluable tool for financial advisors to help win new clients and promote their practice.

But to make the most of Twitter’s potential, you must be following the thought leaders in the financial services industry. Following the right people will help ensure that your feed is always full of helpful and interesting content. Plus re-tweeting influential posts can boost your social reputation!

But if you’ve used Twitter before, you know it can take time and effort to find and follow the users that reflect your interests. That’s why we’ve created this handy list of the top ten Twitter feeds all financial advisors should follow. And of course, follow us @signixsolutions too!

1. @BillWinterberg

Tech guru of the FP Pad blog Bill Winterberg shares his insights about technology trends and developments for advisors. He does a great job of interacting with other professionals on Twitter, so take notes!

2. @StockTwits

More than 200,000 market professionals, investors and public companies share information and ideas about the market and individual stocks using StockTwits. This is a great resource for digging deep into what people are saying about a particular stock.

3. @statsfromIN

This feed shares exclusive stats and industry data from InvestmentNews. Follow them and you’ll soon be impressing your colleagues with your knowledge!

4. @Vanguard_FA

The Twitter feed of Vanguard Financial Advisors shares a lot of research and educational resources about ETFs and ETF strategies.

5. @AbnormalReturns

The Abnormal Returns twitter feed offers up the same high-quality information as the blog it supports. Touted as a “forecast-free investment blog,” Abnormal Returns is an amazing resource of economic news and market information for advisors.

6. @TheSlottReport

Retirement guru Ed Slott has a very informational feed focusing on news and developments about IRAs.

7. @WSJMoneyBeat

Get live news straight from the Wall Street Journal to find out what’s happening in real time. Plus get trends and tips from the minds behind WSJ.

8. @529Guru

Joe Hurley, founder of SavingForCollege.com offers up tons of information about 529 plans and tips for college savings accounts.

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