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SIGNiX May 2022 Patch: Release Notes


This small patch adds a number of important, behind-the-scenes API and architectural fixes and bug resolutions. 


API / Integration*

  • Improved redundancy and reliability of push notification retries, as well as push notification utilization in multiple use cases. (SIG-117, 164, 7874, 1433, 1444, 1445)
  • Resolved issue with API key usage in certain API calls (SIG-1391)

User Experience

  • Fixed problem with templates and MassMailerâ„¢ in the new Dashboard interface (SIG-1427)


  • Updated internal billing report (SIG-1438, 1439)

Other Items

  • Resolved minor data entry masking issue (SIG-1442)

Known Issues

  • None

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!