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Transactions (zipForm Edition) & SIGNiX

Are you a notary who wants to conduct remote online notarizations? Keep reading.

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Our partnership provides best-in-class eNotary and RON technology to Notaries who are users of Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition)

SIGNiX's Remote Online Notary (RON) software solution equips Notaries who are users of Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition) with the tools needed to facilitate notarizations from anywhere at any time. Our solution is a cloud-based platform that gives notaries more opportunities to put RON to work and better serve their customers. 

SIGNiX's eNotaryDoX provides secure remote online notarization software. Our patented digital signature technology converts the traditional notarization process to a completely electronic one so that you and your clients can use video conferencing to execute transactions. See our discounted pricing options here.

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Discounted Lone Wolf Pricing

Item Fee

License Fee
Provides one user with a 12-month license to use eNotaryDox software.

$250 / notary / year
Billed annually

One-time Setup Fee

Waived for Transactions (zipForm Edition) Users

Remote Notarization
Includes one notarial seal, authentication, complete signing process, full audit trail and eNotary journal.

$10 each

Additional Notarial Seal
Apply additional notarial seal within an existing transaction for a small fee.

$5 each/
$60 max transaction fee

Business Account (optional)
Allows user licenses to be reassigned due to employee turnover. All emails sent from SIGNiX will use your company name as the sender. Allows for company admins.

One-Time Fee

Digital Certificate

FREE ($80 Value)

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