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SIGNiX June 2021 Update: Release Notes


This month's SIGNiX update brings with it a number of quality-of-life (QOL) improvements for notary and MyDoX workflows alongside new functionality for our ReadyDoX™ product to allow for anonymous forms to be ultimately delivered to specific signers or approvers. Additionally, we've delivered a number of client-specific updates and laid the foundation for MyDoX® users later in the year to easily set up destinations (like a Google® Drive) for completed documents and audit trails.


API / Integration*

  • Improved compatibility of FlexAPI™ with notary features, such as multiple stamps (SIG-950, 981)
  • Updated support for AJAX API calls to allow for easier changing of email address & mobile number once transaction is in-progress. Also provided documentation for AJAX prompted delivery of pick-up email messages. See https://www.signix.com/ajaxapi .(SIG-974, 1111)
  • Significantly updated 'test harness' sample XMLs to better reflect best practices when integrating with the SIGNiX FlexAPI. (SIG-1101, 1102, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108, 1109, 1110, 1112, 1129)

User Experience

  • ReadyDoX now allows submitters to choose to deliver a ReadyDox transaction to a known signer after someone has filled out the main form, allowing approval and other workflows to be accomplished. (SIG-982)*
  • Improved delivery of SMS-based authentication messages for certain returning users and use cases. (SIG-1073, 1121)
  • Made another pass at resolving issues where certain parts of signature or initial fonts were being cut off unnecessarily. (SIG-1095)
  • Improved user interface to allow for easy re-ordering of documents in transaction where more than ten documents are being signed or bulk uploaded. (SIG-1048)
  • Added reference to SIGNiX Terms of Service to signer welcome and consent screen. Terms of Service can be found here. (SIG-1053)
  • Added new option for 'Witness who knows signer' to drop-down in Notarial Information dialog, per notary request. (SIG-1064)
  • Added preference so that even when Demo mode is selected, the 'Transaction Started' dialog will be suppressed. (SIG-1065)
  • Updated logic for notary seal to show 'Online Notary Public' text below stamp even when In-Person is selected, per notary request. (SIG-1071)
  • Fixed bug where 'Start Zoom Meeting' dialog would not remember previous choices, causing it to re-appear. (SIG-1089)
  • Updated alignment of My Progress bar in signing experience (SIG-1074)
  • Resolved rare issue where current year couldn't be selected for notary journal. (SIG-1075)
  • Fixed issue in Address Book where entries after the 1st page couldn't be edited once added (SIG-1092)
  • Updated requested format of expiration date to match formats requested in following screens to prevent user confusion. (SIG-1100)
  • Notaries now can see and download multiple Zoom recordings if a Zoom meeting had its recording stopped and started. (SIG-1116)
  • Increased minimum text field size to avoid issue on iPhones where signer couldn't type in data due to size of field. (SIG-1126)


  • Put initial work in place to allow for completed documents and audit trails to be automatically 'pushed' to a user's Google Drive or FTP/S address at transaction completion. (SIG-1008)*
  • Resolved issues with certain PDF documents not rendering correctly or producing errors. (SIG-1077,1078,1091)

Other Items

  • Updated browser page title favicon to reflect new SIGNiX logo color. (SIG-1079)
  • Resolved internal testing & build issues (SIG-1148, 1136, 1137, 1122)
  • Removed client-specific language from specific email use cases when Send on Behalf of is customized (SIG-1120)
  • Addressed issue where longer choices from the Notarial Info were being cutoff prematurely in the Journal entries. (SIG-1130)

Known Issues

  • n/a

Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you have any questions. Thanks for your business!