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eNotary Referral Program

Register for the referral program

As notaries continue to switch from traditional face-to-face transactions to Remote Online Notarization, we offer an incentive for each customer that you (the referrer) refer to us. The amount of the incentive and the steps to follow are listed below.

How much am I paid?

$45 per person you refer who signs up with us


Bonuses from number of referrals

5 referrals: $50

15 referrals: $150

25 referrals: $250

Bonuses are paid 45 days after the person referred purchases the SIGNiX platform

How to participate

Register for the referral program


Once you register, you will receive the following:

  • A link that you can send to people you know who could benefit from utilizing remote online notarization, or are interested in sharing this information on social media. Anyone can submit their info to SIGNiX using that link, requesting contact by our sales team.
  • A link that shows the people who have signed up through your referral link, and the reward amount you have received as a result.

What's your success story? 

We love hearing how you have had success on our platform, so we want to give you an easy way to let us know what's been working for you. 


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