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How Does It Work?



The SIGNiX platform handles the end-to-end, complete process for multi-party digital transaction management to create, approve, review, and sign. The SIGNiX platform securely delivers to the parties all documents, data, and evidence metadata (audit trail), with tamper-evident and/or tamper-proof signatures. The SIGNiX platform is available as “out-of-the-box” functionality to prepare and manage digital transactions. The SIGNiX platform is also available through both a Web Services API as well as an AJAX API that enables partners and customers to consume SIGNiX platform services in the context of the partner’s own brand (“private label” or “white label”) or user experience, driving the ease-of-use needed to gain mass adoption in the partner’s customer base.

SIGNiX offers unprecedented customization and embedding capabilities, allowing the customer to seamlessly fit user experiences, process functions, and other user interface elements to its high standard.

SIGNiX also offers significant options for receiving notifications regarding updates to transactions and documents. Emails can be sent to parties and submitters, while push notifications automatically inform integrated systems that various events have taken place, allowing the triggering of other workflows in complementary systems.


High-Level Workflow


From its inception, SIGNiX has focused on integration as a key go-to-market for enterprise deployments. SIGNiX uses a mature, proven integration methodology based on Web Services standards and common, standardized technologies such as PDF and XML. The SIGNiX FlexAPI™ allows partners to build integrations to their own specifications, in the context of their own user interface, if desired.

When integrated via Web Services, systems of record of all types that need to add digital signatures can send collections of documents, parties, authentication, and workflows to SIGNiX. SIGNiX offers a full range of integration options from very lightweight API usage for document disposition at the end of a digital transaction all the way to full white–labelled and seamless embedding of the SIGNiX interface into any third-party solution . All interactions can be handled programmatically, minimizing customer / employee interaction, or can be implemented in accordance with partner preferences, exposing some common interface elements, but hiding others.

Systems integrated with SIGNiX will always first set up a transaction via an initial call to our service (API: SubmitDocument). This call contains all of the information about how a transaction will proceed: signers, authentication, documents, process, preferences, etc. SIGNiX then kicks off the transaction, though the context in which the notification for signature happens depends on the customer’s integration and experience requirements. SIGNiX can deliver emails, or alternatively can provide a signing link back to the customer that can be presented via a pop-up or button (API: GetAccessLink). 

Throughout the process, real-time push notifications from SIGNiX notify customer systems as various transaction milestones occur, including party complete and opt out actions, as well as transaction complete and expiration notices. At transaction completion, customer systems can send the API: DownloadDocument call, which retrieves completed, tamper evident signed PDFs as well as the audit trail for automated insertion into the document management or similar systems.