Integration Flow - What To Expect




1) Getting in Touch with SIGNiX

Once you're ready to move forward with the digital signature integration process, a sales engineer will review a live demo of your platform so that we know what to expect as well. After the live demo is reviewed, SIGNiX will provide you with Webtest access. 

 Next, your designated SIGNiX representative will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the workflow process and the scope of the project. You will receive a version of our XML Sandbox Test Harness along documentation that includes an overview of SIGNiX and how our product works. Your development would likely need to review this documentation.

A SIGNiX sales engineer will schedule a client integration kick off meeting to discuss client preferences. We will also review your go-live timelime to make sure we are on the same page. 

2) Now, it's time for development and testing!

Once your development team has reviewed the SIGNiX documentation available on our Documentation page, you will be able to create transactions using the XML Sandbox Test Harness, where you can see easily how changes to the submitted XML results in changes in the signing experience. You will be able to test the entire user experience and start envisioning how your product will interact with SIGNiX.


3) It's Go-Live Review Time!

Once you've signed your partner contract with SIGNiX, our client integration manager will create a personal Webtest account for you that will have your own Sponsor, Client and User ID. The client integration manager will discuss with your team your vision for your new efficient digital signature flow. Now that you have your customer Webtest account, you will truly see the beginning to end signing process. Your team will be able to create transactions using the XML Webtest Test Harness, sign the transaction and see the actual end result in your personal document center. During this 1-2 month period, your team will be able to develop how your system will interact with the SIGNiX API. Your development team will update signer names, authentication types, and upload PDFs. They will also work on push notifications, successfully submit documents and download documents. 


4) Rollout

Once your team is comfortable with your process, feels that it's ready for success, and has tested robustly, you will present a demo to the SIGNiX team.  If everything goes as planned, then you are off to production with your new digital signature application powered by SIGNiX!