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Online Notary Marketing Toolkit

medal-regularYour success is our success. 

Marketing your business and learning strategies to attract new customers can be hard, so we created the toolkit below to make that process a little easier. We plan to add new resources in the future, so bookmark this page and check back periodically.

megaphone-regularMarketing Collateral 



Earn & use your SIGNiX Certification

Certification badge

Use this badge in your email signature, and on your website and social channels. Once you pass our certification exam (scoring a 40 or higher) you will receive our badge to promote your achievement. 


  • You can retake the exam for better scores
  • After completing, you can see what you missed

Email your Client Success Manager


Why choose RON over traditional notarization?

Client Brochure

As a RON, it's likely your clients have or will ask you this. This PDF can either be shared directly with your clients or provide you with talking points. 

Big takeaways:

  • Convenience
  • Document Availability
  • Security
Downloadable RON PDF

What is RON?

Animated Video

As a RON, you likely spend a good deal of time explaining what RON is to your clients. This is a short video you can use to help explain it to them! You can share the video with them:


Or embed it right onto your website using the video code below:

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graduation-cap-regularMarketing Training 


How can RON impact your business?

Educational Webinar

Listen to 3 unique business models successfully implementing RON. 


Generating RON Business Webinar

Educational Webinar

Listen to successful independent RONs and learn what they did to attract customers and switch over to RON.


Not a SIGNiX customer, and looking to learn more about our solutions?

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