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Should You Trust All E-Signatures? 

What if your business contracts were suddenly invalid? 

All e-signatures are not created equal and it is critical that you know the difference. Choosing the incorrect e-signature could invalidate legally signed business contracts and documents. That's why e-signature evidence is vital for transactions to be legally sound today and tomorrow. Do you know the difference?  

Our responsive and intuitive technology gives you:

  • Ownership and Control: You decide where your documents reside and can independently verify signed documents anywhere, anytime.
  • Transparency: Complete access to the evidence supporting a signature’s validity is always immediately accessible.
  • Longevity: Our technology is based on international, published standards that are always discoverable, so signatures are valid forever.
  • Trust: SIGNiX ensures your privacy and protects data security. We safeguard the integrity of your documents and sensitive information against unforeseen risks in an evolving digital environment.

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Discover the Benefits of Independent E‑Signatures™