How it works.

Sometimes, a password is all that that is required to access a document. By opting in to 2-Step Verification, you're adding that extra layer of protection for sensitive information residing inside that document. It helps prevent sensitive and personal information theft because the bad guy would need both a party's password AND their cell phone. Here's how it works:

  • Real estate professional selects Cybersecurity Protection
  • Every signer is sent an email requesting a signature on your document
  • Every signer is sent a text message with a secret code they'll need to access your document
  • Every signer is prompted when accessing your document with a request for their password and the secret code
  • Every signer is verified and ready to sign!

With unlimited signers for only $5 per transaction!

What it is.

It's a simple, low-cost way to prove your signer is who they say they are. In order to access documents, someone must have access to their email, their password and a code sent straight to their cell phone.


2-Step Verification requires only two things:

  • Something you have: cell phone

  • Something you know: password


zL protection layer graphic.png

Why you need it.

Identity theft is easier than you may think, and theft of personal information with real estate transactions continues to grow each year. Your documents have sensitive and personal information in them, and anyone who has even one party's password and access to the document exposes that risk of information theft to every party included in that document. 2-Step Verification prevents that from happening to you and your clients when it is used for each party accessing your document.

Many people use the same password for many different things. That's not the best thing to do because that puts themselves and every party in a real estate transaction at risk. Here's how their information and yours can be protected:

  • Encourage your clients to use a unique password for your signing password
  • Opt-in to 2-Step Verification for each of your signers on your documents  

Don't put yourself and your clients at risk! Take the steps needed to add the protection you need.

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