SmarTract by SIGNiX

Smart Contracts by the Most Trusted Name in Digital Signatures

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A massive user base to drive mass adoption of smart contracts

SIGNiX has built a thriving business with our patented Digital Signature Platform. Our software partners seamlessly integrate the SIGNiX digital signature into their own applications.

Using our powerful FLEX API™, these partners apply our digital signature to over 40 million contracts every year. That's not a projection. That's today.

At full penetration of our current partners, the market opportunity is even larger: 100 million users signing more than a billion contracts annually.

Our current partners will drive users to the SmarTract platform, which creates and associates a smart contract for each digitally signed contract, dramatically enhancing its efficiency, autonomy, and immutability.

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The SIGNiX Business Model

Watch this short video learn how SIGNiX goes to market by leveraging our robust FLEX API™ and integrations with powerful software partners.

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Day One Advantages

The Power of Science

As of March 2018, we've entered into a partnership with Science Blockchain.

Science Blockchain partners with what it views as leading entrepreneurs to invest in and build a portfolio of blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related businesses that it feels are positioned for long-term success. The objective is to build the software giants of the next century.

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Real business, right now

The majority of our potential competitors are early-stage entities hoping they can find users after they build a product. SIGNiX, on the other hand, is a growing company with a thriving current business and a massive community of users and partners already integrated with our Digital Signature Platform.

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Blockchain-ready cryptography

The SIGNiX digital signature is based on public key infrastructure, or PKI, which is the exact cryptographic method necessary for writing distributed ledger entries on any blockchain.

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Cloud software experts

We bring proven success in the development, delivery, and support of complex cloud software through our Digital Signature Platform. We've already solved hundreds of problems that our prospective competitors have yet to encounter.


Partnerships in position

We already have seamless, robust API integrations with software partners ready to leverage the superior efficiency, availability, and security of smart contracts on any blockchain.



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Proven Leadership

The SIGNiX Management Team brings an undeniable track record of success in launching and growing software companies.

Jay Jumper

Founder & CEO

John Harris


Gary Peat


Robert Oswalt

Sr. Architect

Pem Guerry