*NOTE: Items with an asterisk are optional, and not enabled by default upon release. If you'd like to enable these features, please contact your account representative.

Document Wizard (MyDoX) Enhancements

  • Moving fields now also auto-scrolls document. If you drag a field to the top or bottom of the display, the document will auto-scroll, eliminating the need to drop, scroll and drag the field again.

  • Improved field size editing on all devices. Users on touch-enabled devices were previously restricted to using a 'pinch-zoom' gesture to change the size of fields. However, this was not intuitive for Windows 8 users. Now, all users also have access to the drag and resize control. Simply tap and hold on the resize control to change the size of a field, whether you're on a mobile device or your desktop.

  • Deleting party also deletes tasks. Previously, if a Party had assigned tasks, they could not be deleted without first deleting the tasks. This was an unnecessary burden, and that requirement has been removed. Now deleting a Party will also delete their tasks, though you will be asked to confirm the action.

  • Authentication options renamed, re-ordered for easier understanding. We have made the drop-down options for authentication clearer. For example, "No Authentication" has become "Email Only." We've also re-ordered them in relative order of ascending strength. 

  • Demo Now button. For those clients who in their test environment have access to a 'demonstration' mode in the Wizard when sending transactions for testing purposes, we've added the ability to start a signing process at the press of a button, rather than having to wait on an email or copy a test URL. Simply press the Demo Now button, and a new tab will appear for the first signer, making testing simpler. 

Signature Engine™ Enhancements
  • Lock Document option*. SIGNiX digital signatures currently make every signature and initial tamper-evident, meaning that changes (tampering) are easily detected. A new option has been added so that clients can now choose to have documents locked against changes. This feature, if enabled, will lock all fields within the document preventing any changes from occurring. Please let your SIGNiX representative know if you'd like to enable this feature and understand more about how it works. This feature is not enabled by default.

  • Download Document Enhancements. To support clients who may be using multiple workgroups within the Wizard, but also intending on using the SIGNiX Web Services API to download documents in bulk, SIGNiX has added a <Workgroup> element to the Download Document call to better facilitate these interactions.

  • Submit Document enhancement for support information. SIGNiX provides support information to signers when they receive a notification to sign via email, but in the past not when they access the transaction via GetAccessLink. SIGNiX will now add Support Phone and Submitter Email address to the Support / Help dialog.

Other Updates & Bug Fixes from previous versions

  • Can click anywhere in signature field to sign / initial. User no longer is restricted to clicking the smaller 'Click Here to Sign' button.

  • Added grey background behind document view to better delineate page edges

  • Size and behavior of default date field has been changed to better accommodate time zone

  • Two additional time zones added to date properties: Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST) and Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT)

  • Resolved odd UI issues on Send tab in IE8 in specific conditions

  • Fixed limited scope issue where transactions would be misplaced among workgroups

  • Improved notification to signer when accessing transaction that has expired.

  • Better notification to Submitter when attempting to add text or other field to document in Wizard prior to adding a signature

  • Updated initial preview to ensure visibility

  • Document List will automatically select the next 'unfinished' document

  • Submitter can now click on 'Document Center' to return to Document Center home from any Wizard screen

  • Fixed incorrect guidance prompts on few screens

  • Resolved issue where delete button would not always work for templates or unstarted transactions in the Document Center

  • Signature Engine push notifications updated to support client authentication

  • Dragging checkboxes and radio buttons on touch devices works properly now

  • Added ability to configure 21 CFR 11-compliant process at workgroup level

  • Numerous small bugs and errors resolved in addition to customer-specific customizations

Known Issues

  • Some minor translation issues still present with French and Spanish

  • Initials may not be centered in field

  • Printed date / time / time zone may be cutoff if field is made too small


Note that some features may not be enabled by default, as some features are unique to particular industries and other features may be delayed to allow clients to train their users in advance. Please let your SIGNiX Account Representative know if you would like to access a feature that is not currently displayed in your account.

Screenshots in this release note are taken from a pre-production version of the release and thus may be different in the final, production release.