Case Studies By SIGNiX


    Gateway Credit Union Case Study

    Paper Slowed Them Down Food Industries Credit Union had just rebranded as Gateway Credit Union, and they had work to do...  Their loan application process involved mailing out loan applications, waiting on them to return, correcting errors, and finally signing on the dotted line. Each step required too much time and unnecessary repetition. If the newly branded Gateway Credit Union was going to make good on its mission to expand to new members beyond the food industry, they would need a loan application process that was faster, more cost effective, and just plain better.
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    Clinical Research Organization Accelerates Trials with SIGNiX

    The director of application services for Sarah Cannon Research Institute, was charged with improving the speed and efficiency by which SCRI launches clinical trials. As one of the world’s leading clinical research organizations, SCRI runs 500 clinical trials per year, many of them being critical first-in-human trials. This huge workload combined with exacting FDA regulations on new drugs and stringent security requirements made it difficult for SCRI to quickly get to market the life-saving therapies it develops and tests. 
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    Access Credit Union Boosted Online Lending by 97%

      Limitations of a Paper Process Lindsay Edwards, lending manager of Access Community Credit Union, was frustrated by the credit union’s paper loan application process. It was a hassle both for members and credit union employees, and she needed a solution.
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    San Diego County Saves $225,000 Per Year With SIGNiX

    Rolf Bishop, the chief information officer for San Diego County, had never been satisfied with the process of manually filling out forms in person whenever citizens needed a county service. If someone needed to change their address or apply for a homeowner’s exemption, he or she would have to drive to the county offices, find parking, fill out forms and sign them.
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