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3 Critical Questions to Ask Before Picking an E-Signature Vendor

picking an e-signature vendor

So you’re running a business and you’re just dying to start using e-signatures: they’ll make your life easier and your customers happier.  Then your customers will tell everyone how amazing you are, your business will take off, and pretty soon you’ll be on the cover of Fortune Magazine!

Digital Signatures: Helping to Modernize Higher Education

Envisioning the future of education technology

It's tough to read about higher education in America without reading yet another lament about the state of our educational system. Cue the calls to adopt a new product, educational technique, system or standard. Unfortunately, many of the changes end up having about as much impact as many of the other reforms that have swept the nation – that is to say, very little impact at all.

7 Rules for E-Signature Legality and Compliance: Part 3

esignature legality compliance05

Today we're bringing you Part 3 of our three-part series on e-signature legality and compliance (here's Part 1 and Part 2). We've written this series to help clarify the key differences between different e-signature vendors. These seven rules will help you choose a vendor that your legal and compliance teams will support. 

7 Rules for E-Signature Legality and Compliance: Part 2

e signature compliance legality2

Today we're bringing you Part 2 of our three-part series on e-signature legality and compliance (click here to read Part 1). 

Electronic Signature Court Case Reveals Importance of Evidence

electronic signature lawsuit court case

When it comes to the legality of electronic signatures, it’s all about evidence. If you have the right evidence in your documents, it can keep you out of court in the first place. We’ve seen this in action with a real estate client whose buyer claimed the agent had signed documents for him. The real estate agent was able to prove the buyer signed the document because of the evidence built into the document, and the client dropped the case.

Why SIGNiX? An Interview with EVP Pem Guerry

pem guerry signix

With so many e-signature vendors on the market, it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. To help answer the question “Why SIGNiX?” I decided to sit down with our executive vice president Pem Guerry. Pem has been with SIGNiX for 10 years, and he has a broad knowledge about digital signature technology vendors.

7 Rules for E-Signature Legality and Compliance: Part 1

esignature legality esign

Here at SIGNiX, we've been dedicated to providing our customers with digital signatures delivered via the web (with no software or hardware install required) for over 11 years. The service was designed to be easy to use and also meet the legal and security demands of today’s electronic records and documents. SIGNiX recognizes that while a signature may simply be a quick and simple stroke of a pen in the paper world, its significance goes far beyond that wet ink scribble:

Free Webinar "E-Signature Myths—Busted!"

esignature myths busted webinar

Complimentary webinar to address top myths about the electronic signature industry, hosted by Laser App and SIGNiX.


Five Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Signatures from SIGNiX

describe the image

Here at SIGNiX, prospective clients often ask us, “What kind of value could my company get from implementing SIGNiX?” We could tell you, but we’d rather show you. There’s no better way to answer the question than with real examples from our customers.

Which Digital Signature Vendors Meet Your Compliance Needs?

digital signature compliance

Many businesses are adopting digital signatures as a fast and easy way to get documents signed online. But before you pick a digital signature solution, it’s important to make sure the technology you pick will meet your industry’s compliance regulations.

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